Private Photo Tours

Bespoke photography tours
designed just for you

Private Photography Tours in Scotland

Customised photo trips and workshops in the Highlands of Scotland

Why go on a private photo tour?

Local Tutor

I live in the Scotland and my intimate knowledge of the country means I know exactly how meet your requirements.

Choose locations

My private photo tours are fully customised. Photograph places you wouldn't get the chance to on a group tour.

Your own way

Photo days are just for you. No other photographers. So we can stick to your itinerary and adapt it when needed.

Ken Mills – Northumberland….
“A thoroughly enjoyable week allowing me to be immersed in the landscape and so landscape photography, I know I will have a number of keeper shots from this trip which will be worthy of printing. Thank you Dean.”
Dave Fisher – Yorkshire
“Brilliant week thanks to Dean and the other participants for making it so.
Would You Recommend my workshops to others?: Absolutely!”


Go bespoke

Benefits of a private photo tour


Choose dates

Choose the dates and times that suit. Maybe you prefer a winter or summer shoot. Perhaps you don't like early sunrises.

Your itinerary

The whole trip will be customised to your interests. We can adapt along the way if you see something you like, or the weather changes.

Take your time

Travel and photograph at your leisure. Nobody telling you its time to move on, or having to wait for others.


Accommodation will be booked according to your budget and comfort requirements. Want 5 stars? You got it.

Learn your way

You will have my undivided attention. Practice the techniques you need to know, not what you already know.

Your photos

On private photo tours you photograph the scenes you want, and make the best of your time in Scotland.

No time limits at a location

While group photography tours can be fun and suitable for most, they do come with limitations. First and foremost, a group tour must be planned with everyone in mind. Therefore, while we may spot a great scene along the way, we can only spend a limited amount of time there before heading on to our pre-planned destination.

On private photo tours should you encounter such a situation, you can decide for yourself if you want to stay and photograph this interesting scene you’ve discovered along the way, or carry on as planned.

Nothing to hold you back

Maybe you have been put off by being in a group workshop, or perhaps your needs are more specific. On my private tours we can plan a trip to suit:

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