Torridon & Wester Ross

An area of incredible beauty and limitless possibilities for the landscape photographer.

Torridon & Wester Ross Landscape Photography Workshops

small group landscape and seascapes workshops

Local guide

I live in Scotland, visit Torridon often and know all the best places.

Great locations

We will cover all the best locations both well-known and unique.

The best scenery

You will photograph stunning landscapes and seascapes.

Graham Ibbetson – Cambridgeshire…
“Dean is an excellent teacher and leader for all levels of photographer. A well presented workshop that hit the spot for me – excellent.”


Martin Cooke – Leicestershire…
“I really enjoyed the whole experience. In particular I enjoyed improving my confidence and skills in some very challenging conditions.
Would You Recommend Dean Allan Photography: Yes, 10/10.”

Scotland's secret gems

Let us simply say that this area of Scotland has beauty, peace, and a sense of living on the edge of Europe which can only begin to be appreciated by as casual visit along some of the many small roads and villages dotted along our coastline.

It’s a unique area with its mosaic of landscapes, some of the highest mountains in the UK, through moorland and ancient pinewoods, down to lowland deciduous woodland, deep glens and deserted beaches.

Those who follow the tourist route to Skye may be missing one of the Highlands’ secret gems – the glorious region of Torridon & Wester Ross.

Workshop Details

Small Groups

Maximum of 3 - 5 participants.


Duration 5 - 6 nights.

Meeting Place

Tigh an Eilean in Shieldaig

Accommodation Included

Tigh Eilean in Shieldaig. This hotel offers excellent accommodation, food and drink.

Transport Included

Free transport around the islands in a 5-seater Ford Ranger Wildtrak with ample room for all photographic equipment.


Workshop tutor Dean Allan is an award winning landscape photographer based in the northern Highlands of Scotland.

Unique locations for the landscape photographer

True Highland Wilderness

There is a pleasure to be found in taking a good photograph of any place, but our greatest satisfaction is in the sense of discovery enjoyed when we experience something for the first time – a new location, some rare weather phenomenon, or simply just a new way of looking at a scene we have loved for years. It is forging a deeper connection with what is around us. To do that, we need to be out there just a little longer, to explore just a little farther, the next photograph is always the best one.

Mountains, Glens and Fjords

Wester Ross in the North West Highlands has, what I consider, to have some of the best locations in Scotland. It’s the combination of remoteness, distance from population centres and importantly, the character of the landscape. Diverse, angular mountains with deep glens and fjords run out to sea.

The Wester Ross region has some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery on any part of the Scottish Highlands, and its very remoteness means that it is relatively quiet and peaceful even at the height of the summer months. It is perfectly possible to spend an entire day walking without ever seeing another person on the hill beside you, and during that day you may be able to catch sight of eagles, deer, pine marten, dragonflies, and other rare animals and insects.

Torridon & Wester Ross is an area of incredible beauty and limitless possibilities for the landscape photographer. With rugged mountains, sweeping glens and beautiful lochs, there are a myriad of breathtaking views and no matter the weather, you’ll have beauty to enjoy.

highland country

Quintessential Highland country such as this, with breathtaking emptiness, a wild, fragile beauty and single-track roads, is a rarity on the modern, crowded, highly urbanised island of Britain. You could get lost up here for weeks – and that still wouldn’t be enough time.

Whether in blazing sunshine or murky greyness, the character of the land is totally unique and constantly changing – for that window of time in which you can glimpse it, you’ll capture an exclusive snapshot of this ancient area in your mind.  

Lochs, beaches and seascapes

The Iconic mountains such as Liathach, Beinn Eighe & the Torridon Hills will provide a stunning backdrop to our pictures. The Torridon Hills are among the most spectacular peaks in the British Isles and made of some of the oldest rocks in the world and sit on the even older rocks, Lewisian gneiss. Some of the older peaks, such as Beinn Eighe are crowned by white Cambrian quartzite which contain fossilised worm burrows and dates back to circa 500 million years old. This area is particularly rich for opportunities, with its mountains, lochs, beaches and seascapes.

Stunning in autumn

Wester Ross is situated amongst some of the wildest and most remote scenery in the United Kingdom. The area is dominated by spectacular mountain scenery. We will have plenty of opportunity to explore and photograph the ancient caledonian forestry. The marvellous scots pine and autumn birch trees will certainly be a feature in the workshop.

Hauntingly beautiful Lochs

We will visit some of the most scenic areas there, including Loch Clair, Lower Daibeg, the banks of Loch Maree, the Applecross Coastal Route with its stunning views looking out to the Isle of Skye. We will cross over the iconic Applecross Pass (Beach na Ba), a winding single track road which is the steepest ascent of any road climb in the UK, through the mountains of the Applecross peninsula.

We will also visit the north west coast of Wester Ross and to some of its beautiful beaches with sparkling blue waters. This is when photographic dreams become reality. Mellon Udrigle is just such one example with its fabulous views across to the Summer Isles. Such a great name, it’s worth saying it again…..Mellon Udrigle.

Expect to experience fast moving weather systems, which at times can be challenging and a real test of your technical abilities. The light will change throughout the day and you will learn to get the best out of it – this will help you not only be more productive, it can also foster creativity and make it easier to be more flexible when unexpected conditions happen in the future.

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A week of photographic indulgence

Torridon & Wester Ross; these are areas of Scotland that have no equal anywhere else on this planet. Mountains, glens, lochs and stunning locations are all waiting to be discovered. Combined with my in-depth experience of the area and superb autumnal light, it can only be a recipe for photographic indulgence. Autumnal days add drama, beauty and tranquillity to this rugged and weathered landscape.

Enjoy a week of photographic indulgence in the majestic landscape of Wester Ross with its spectacular mountains, ancient pinewoods, tranquil lochs and stunning coastline.

If remoteness, tranquillity, total isolation and awe inspiring scenery is what you are seeking, then this place comes on top of any other in my list of places in Scotland.

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